Do you have a custom metalwork design project?

Custom Industrial Fabricators – Give Us A Call.

We are able to fabricate most things within the structural steel world.  A lot of our work falls within the commercial construction industry. However, contractors are often looking for something custom. Examples could include: 

Generator Supports

Mezzanine Platforms

Multimedia Supports

Custom Metal Work

With our flexibility to work with almost any project and backed by a team of skilled tradesmen, we are able to offer custom fabrication for any metal work plans you may have.

Custom Structural Steel

We customise structural steel fabrication services for the manufacture of construction parts for commercial and industrial contracts. 

Custom Welding & Fabrication

We have a team of experienced TIG welders, MIG welders and SMAW welders using material join techniques, capable of manufacturing and fabricating any custom designs for your project.

Custom Manufacturing Services

After everything, we can offer you what you are looking for. We offer a lot of standard products in our online shop, but custom designs can be sent to us here.


“Let our steel fabricators turn your steel needs into reality”.

    Florida Fabrication

    is a steel fabrication company specializing in structural steel products. We manufacture, erect and install structural and miscellaneous steel products and more.

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