Our 3d CAD Design Studio & Steel Fabrication Drawings

Steel Fabrication Drawings: What are they?

Steel Fabrication Drawings are usually used for per job/project bases. They are used in Structural Steel, Architectural Steelwork, Ballustrading/Handrail and Steel Stairs for example. The drawings are split into 3 main categories:

1. Single Part Drawing. (Single part drawings are workshop drawings that show details of one part such as an end plate or a single beam etc)

2. Assembly Drawing. (Assembly drawings are workshop drawings showing how the single parts assemble such as beam with end plates)

3.General Arrangement Drawing. (These show the complete model or an extract to convey the full design intend in a very clear manner, typically include an Isometric View (3D View), plan views (from top), elevation views and section views.

The above 3 drawing types are the minimum a competent Steel Detailing / Service should provide.

Steel Detailing Service

Florida Fabrication offers a full set of Fabrication Drawings and full Steel Detailing Service for a range of industries. We believe that in order to produce good quality fabrication that will enable an excellent installation on site a certain amount of coordination is required between all parties involved.

We are used to coordinating with steel manufacturers, architects and structural engineers to create General Assembly Drawings and subsequently detailed drawings showing connections, holes etc.

Our service prides itself on working closely with all parties involved to ensure any queries get raised and answered prior to fabrication commences.

3D CAD Design – AutoCAD Detailing

We work with Advance Steel detailing software is built on the AutoCAD platform Structural Detailing for the process of creating fabrication drawings. We use the software to help accelerate the design, steel detailing, steel fabrication, and steel construction.

This process is surprisingly fast and efficient providing have a good set of templates and incredible designs that show your project in a fully rendered 3D Digital Model. 3D Steel Modeling and 3D BIM Modeling Erection drawings.

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