Want to know what we can do with Steel Railings?

Steel Railings for Commercial Buildings

Steel Railing projects are very different from the standard projects that come with general construction projects. Often people are looking for something unusual in the form of:

Steel Railing Design for Balcony

Find ideas and inspiration for modern Structural Steel Balcony Railing to add to your commercial buildings. These railings and all parts are safe and secure and made to the highest standards.  Using 3D design software to accurately detail the specifics, we then make these balconies custom ordered. 

We would take accurate measurements, work with you on the design and construction and once you are happy with the final product, we would oversee and manage full erection and installation.

We have plenty of experience with Steel Railing Design for Apartments and Commercial buildings.

Guardrail, Grab Rail, Fall Protection, Balcony Rail & Cable Rail

We produce all different kinds of steel railings for the industrial and commercial building contractorsWe are well versed in managing and handling complex designs.  We have experience with Guardrails, Grab Rails, Balcony Rails & Cable Rails as well as Fall Protection Rails. These are custom ordered projects that are created in out 3D Design Studio to your specifications. Then we manage the construction, installation and erection of any work we understake.

All railings are engineered to meet all OSHA and Florida Building Code 2014 guidelines and are fabricated by certified welders.  We can provide all personnel, equipment, and hardware for a complete installation.

Florida Fabrication

is a steel fabrication company specializing in structural steel products. We manufacture, erect and install structural and miscellaneous steel products and more.

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